“Super Original Name for my First Blog Post.”

Writing, for me is more than a reflection but less than an internal journey. More of a procedure, less of a creation, an evolutionary theory for putting brain waves into words. 

Tonight’s highlight: I’ve been working on writing my personal history statement, struggling for inspiration and better syntax. I wonder what it means to skate with ease through a personal statment detailing what my research passions are and what I want to accomplish in world of marine science, but when it comes to getting personal with my essay, I pine away and become despondent?  I know that past is relevant to the future, but in what capacity, exactly? If only I knew, I would have finished this damn essay already.

Anyway, today I spoke with a very enlightening shop owner who was well traveled and knowlegeable on a variety of different subjects. His recommendation for a marine scientist passionate in the field of mangrove conservation traveling to Kenya was to research the life of Wangari Maathai. And to start this adventure learning about Nobel Prize laureate, Dr. Maathai I am reading “Replenishing the Earth.” More on Maathai to follow 🙂


Random side note life goal: visit and explore at least one national park on and off the coast of each of the 7 continents.


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