Steering away from Powerpoint and toward… ‘Showoff’

It’s a rainy, summer Saturday evening, and I am ready to dive into something different. I’ve been thinking a bit about my Marine Reserves presentation for high school students and want to make a good impression on the students–it’s very important, afterall.

High school students are a unique group of individuals to coast on the stereotype; energetic, smart, and opinionated, yet mentally chaotic with short attention spans. This is probably the case for many students who might be interested in Marine Conservation. What these people need is something relevant, educational and cool to grab their attention and hold onto it. The data and examples are crucial and transformative when delivered with a succinct and innovative way that makes a definite impact. Powerpoint presentations often don’t cut it for me, so I can only imagine how dull they come off to someone less ‘tolerant.’

With that said, I am going for the open source, slightly more complicated, but much more versatile option–Showoff. In order to make a presentation in this format, I first have to learn something called ‘Markdown‘ to be able to convert my content into HTML. There you have it, that’s my Saturday night.


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